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194506Fröhus Teelicht rund, schwarzhttps://royaldesign.de/frohus-teelicht-rund-schwarzhttps://az666937.vo.msecnd.net/67/b133de94-89d1-4838-8fcd-dcd66af42224InStock27.2EUR/inneneinrichtung/inneneinrichtung/kerzenhalter-windlichter/inneneinrichtung/kerzenhalter-und-windlichter/windlichterParadisverkstaden34.5

Fröhus Teelicht rund, schwarz

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Fröhus by Paradisverkstaden. A range featuring soft concave and convex forms, in which nature is a direct source of inspiration. The range consists of candle holders, vases and storage containers in different colours and shapes. All the individual pieces can be combined to create beautiful still lifes.
Please note that every product is unique – there will be variations in shape and glaze.

The Fröhus range is cast by hand. After being formed, the products are allowed to dry before being bisque fired, glazed and decorated. The glazes are applied using either dipping or spraying.
The final glaze firing is carried out at 1,230-1,250°C, and takes around two days.
Each item is handled by human hand at least 27 times before it is ready.

Paradisverkstaden works exclusively with high-fired stoneware, using various techniques.
This means that its products are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.


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  • Durchmesser
    115 mm
  • Höhe
    75 mm