Marvelous Air 120x60, Carrara/Schwarz

Elegant and stylish, trendy and classic at the same time. The coffee tables Marvelous Air offers everything you could wish for.
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Marvelous Air is a series of coffee tables that breathes lightness and elegance. The frame is handmade of one piece and therefore requires no assembly. The lovely marble top is available in two colors and available with both black and white base. Each combination is stylish and ideal in front of the sofa and becomes a beautiful centerpiece in the room.

Carrara Marble:
Carrara marble is one of the most famous types of marble in white or bluish-gray.
It is characterized by its high quality, scratch resistance, and compact structure. The marble comes from the quarries around Carrara in Italy, in the north of Tuscany.

Verde Guatemala:
Verde Guatemala is a hard and resistant marble that come from Guatemala. A deep green marble with lighter highlights and lovely speckle. The marble has a beautiful depth and life and is darker than, for example, the Swedish Kolmårdsmarble.

Marble is a natural material, which makes all marble discs look different in color and surface. The small coarseness that occurs naturally in the stone remains when made to table tops. That's what makes marble one of the more beautiful materials in the furniture industry, that every piece of furniture is unique and has a personal expression.

Care Instructions:
The marble top requires careful handling during assembly to the frame.
Marble is a limestone and it does not tolerate any kind of acid. To protect the marble surface against grease and dirt, we recommend saturating the surface before putting it to use. Polished surfaces are best treated with acid-free wax. Every marble top is unique in terms of color and surface.

Über die Marke


  • Artikelnummer
  • Lief. Artikelnummer
  • Marke
  • Serie
  • Farbe
    Schwarz, Weiß
  • Form
  • Lieferung erfolgt montiert
  • Materialbeschreibung
    Powder-coated steel, Marble
  • Mit Schubladen
  • Rollen
  • Zimmer
  • Breite
    600 mm
  • Höhe
    410 mm
  • Länge
    1200 mm


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