213117Arrangements Transformator Small Max 70W

Arrangements Transformator Small Max 70W

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Arrangements is a Lamp series designed by Micheal Anastassiades consisting of different elements that can either be built together or used separately. Only the imagination and the max load on the transformer put an end to the creation with Arrangements. Each part includes a 2.5 meter long cord and the transformer is sold separately. The transformer comes with different effects one with a maximum load of 70w and two of 190w of which one is for ceiling mounting. If you want to design your own lamp, you can choose to assemble which elements you want, but remember to choose the transformer that can handle the total Watt that the lamp you creating is getting. Then choose the parts you want and count the watts to see what transformer you need. So get started and mix and match the different elements and create your unique arrangement's lamp. Enter the following link and combine your own lamp


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